About US

Key laboratory of ocean energy utilization and energy conservation of ministry of education was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2007. The laboratory is based on the College of Energy and Power Engineering, level one subject Ph.D programs and doctoral studies of Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, takes the national key discipline of Power Machinery and Engineering as the mainstay. This laboratory has got the characristic of ocean energy efficient utilization and industrial energy-saving, the object of meeting the strong need of energy manufacturing and energy efficient utilization technology, the support of sustainable development and national energy safety.
The space area of this laboratory is 8,000 m2. We have international advanced level of large-scale instrument and equipment with total value of more than 60 million yuan, such as: MRI system, Displacement system for EOR, Experimental system of hydrate phase equilibrium, Cooled chiller, Low temperature microscopic analyzer, Differential scanning calorimeter, Rotating machinery vibration characteristics table, Low-temperature multi-effect evaporation desalination plant, Elemental analyzer, Magnetic suspended balance, Core pressurized saturated device, Digital heat flow meter, Testing and Controlling System of Engine, Screw rod, Finned tube heat exchanger test system, and Low temperature high pressure triaxial apparatus, etc., which provide strong technical support for high-level research.
The laboratory has a research team with high academic level and reasonable structure of knowledge and age. We have 56 permanent staff, thereinto, 55 researchers, 37 Professors, 36 doctoral supervisors, 12 associate professors,  6 lecturer. Among these researchers, there is 2 Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor, 2 National crackajack young persons, 1 One-hundred talent program, 3 The ministry of education (new) century talents ,expert receiving the state council special allowance, one ministry of education cross-century talent, 89% with doctorate.

 Basic research of development and utilization of Gas hydrate
  Research on ocean energy and resourse efficient utilization
  Research on energy-saving of thermodynamic system and power device
 Research on energy and energy-saving development strategy